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Operating Authority

The term 'operating authority' refers to the legal right of a motor carrier to operate a commercial motor vehicle across the U.S. for the following purposes:

  • Transportation of goods and/or passengers in exchange for a fee or other compensation.
  • Transportation of goods across intra-state borders, inter-state lines, or national boundaries.
  • Arrangement of goods or passengers.
  • Storage of goods moved in inter-state commerce.



Types Of Operating Authorities

  • Interstate Carrier Operating Authority (MC Number
  • Common Contract Or Broker Authority - MC
  • Freight Forwarder Authority - FF


This service is ionly for USDOT & MC numbers without any additional services.



Average time: Authorities take 30 days to become active.


Please remember, you will be required to have BOC-3 and insurance to activate authority

Operating Authority-MC/USDOT Package

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