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We provide load tracking upon request, and our team is available from 8 am through 5 pm CST, 5 days a week. If you’re looking for a transportation company you can trust, call Macc Transport & Logistics at (855)244-2010. We are your go-to Trucking Company!

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Truck Load

Anything over 20ft of deck space (Open Deck)

Specializing in over-dimensional (OD)

Load Transport Services


LTL Freight Transportation

Anything less than 20ft (Open Deck). If it has a strict pick-up and drop off time, it will be considered a “full truck load”


Expedited LTL

Expedited Freight transport means your cargo will be the only thing on board to ensure your freight arrives on schedule time, due to time sensitive- delivery. 

Expedited Services available upon request!


Tow away

(Power Only)

RV transport, trailer, boats and tiny homes.


Container Transport 

Container Transport. The customer is responsible for the crane appointment.


Vehicle Transport

(Open deck only Max dimensions: 10 High and 8.6 Wide) 

When you have cargo that won't fit a conventional freight setup, contact Macc Transport & Logistics for oversize trucking services.

We serve Houston, TX and all of North America.

Our Process


Step 1 - Request Quote

Fill out our simple quote request form. We will quickly respond with the information you need to get started with your shipment.


Step 2 - Book Load

Book your load with one of our logistics professionals. They will obtain all the pertinent information from you in order to successfully move your load.


Step 3 - Track Shipment

You can easily get information and updates about your shipment. Simply let us know the best way to keep you up-to-date.


Step 4 - Delivery

See firsthand why MTL is your preferred over the road carrier and intermediary trucking service provider.

Contact us today to discuss your current and future transportation needs. We have trained drivers, and friendly staff to provide the best customer service in the business.

Preparing your
goods for LTL shipping

Determining your freight class is just the first step in preparing your shipment for your LTL carriers. Through proper preparation, you can prevent bottlenecks, save money, and ensure that your freight reaches its destination on time and free of damage.

Make sure you have your shipment documentation on hand. Documentation mainly comprises the bill of landing, which acts as a contract between you and your carrier. It should also provide all the information that the carrier, the driver, and any workers down the line need to process and invoice the freight. 

A typical bill of lading includes:

  • Name and information of the recipient

  • Date of shipment

  • Description of the packaging type

  • Description of the goods that are being shipped

  • Number of units that are getting shipped

  • Dimensions

  • Freight class

  • Estimated value

You should also load your shipment onto pallets or crates before pickup. Place lighter items on top of heavier items and include at least one label on every unit to prevent any potential losses. Use appropriate labels for any items that are fragile, hazardous, or require special care. Remember that the LTL shipping process often means that workers handle freight several times throughout transit. Providing a proper label can prevent damage and give workers and drivers a better idea of how to move shipments.

Once you have your shipment ready, your LTL carrier can pick your freight up and send it on its journey. You should have the bill of lading and all the necessary information in hand when the carrier arrives. Keep in mind that LTL carriers do not have the luxury of long-loading windows. While TL carriers often allow a two-hour window to load goods, LTL carriers are not required to wait. If your shipment isn’t ready, LTL carriers will leave and come back the next day, which delays delivery and usually leads to a second-day pickup fee.

Macc Transport & Logistics is dedicated to changing the LTL shipping experience for small- to medium-sized businesses. We provide more affordable rates while increasing safety and security so businesses don’t have to worry about damage

to process and invoice the freight.

Billing Information

Your all-in-one guide to the Macc Transport & Logistics payment process.

Macc Transport & Logistics accepts three major payment types: Credit card online, ACH online, and Check, all of which are explained below


Your invoice will be emailed to provided contact email for online payment within 24-36 hours of delivery.


Locate the email with your INVOICE : The email is from Macc Transport & Logistics


Choose your method of payment. Select your preferred payment type (Credit Card or Bank Account) or Let us know you will be mailing a company check



Submit your payment

Pay by Check

If you would like to pay by check, you will need to send your paperwork to the mail address.

Mail Checks to:

2401 Fountain View Dr Ste 312 #2352

Houston, TX 77057

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Load Tracking Request

Freight Transport Terms & Condition

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